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So you've spent a ton of money getting your new website built. You're all hyped up, ready to get your slice of the e-commerce pie. You wait... You wait some more... Still not as many visitors as you would have hoped for?

The answer is most likely in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)...or lack thereof. Search engines drive an approximated 90% of all internet traffic and if your site is not optimised or "SEO'ed" for the appropriate keywords and search phrases, the Search Engines that drive the traffic (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.) ...    More on SEO

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At the SEOcean Company we believe that an informed client is a well armed client. We are confident that what we introduce to your business in one report is so valuable that you will want nothing more than for us to show you the way to Internet Traffic Domination in your industry.
With monthly progress reports & the level of attention that you get from SEOcean associates, you always know how effective our efforts have been. The modifications we make to your website will Improve Your Search Engine Rankings, bring more traffic to your business, and ultimately help to build your brand in your local market.
With minimal optimization, our clients have reported significant growth...Imagine what we can do for your's time for YOU to grab your web-surf board and hop a ride on the SEOcean!

Search Marketing Atlanta

The SEOcean Way...

With some seven years of Search Marketing experience, the SEOcean company has steadily provided Atlanta companies with the most affordable way to command any niche. More than just a Search Marketing firm, we consider our SEO Consultants to be engineers of success. With a firm handle on what makes or breaks a website in the eyes of the Search Engines as well as what keeps users engaged, SEOcean is able to show results in a respectable time frame and allow our clients to maintain a uniquely creative look and feel. The end result is a commanding web presence that is tough to compete with.

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We always try to give you one thing you can do to improve your site.

About Our Lead SEO Guy

After having graduated with a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech.), SEOcean's founder and CEO Randall Da Costa worked in the industry as a technical lead in the Search Engine Marketing department of a start up company. After a brief stint, Randall then branched out on his own. Since then, he has spent years studying search and search marketing technologies, perfecting the art of optimization and eventually developing an approach that is especially helpful in getting Small Businesses to achieve astounding results online. Simply put, SEOcean Company provides the best SEO services at the most affordable rate. Do your business a favor...take a dip in the SEOcean today!

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