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Our goal is to educate small business owners about things they could be doing to improve their website’s Search Engine Rankings. Also, we’re here to take you that much closer to achieving your goals through natural Search and white hat SEO.

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Home Page Optimization (Part 1)

Before we get into the details of WHAT you have to do to optimize your home page, the beginnings of each of this two-part post will briefly outline the items you have to consider tweaking before you can expect any noticable results.

There are two parts to the operation:
1. Home Page Optimization for better Search Engine Rankings
2. Home Page Optimization for improving visitor Conversion Rate

How to get Better Search Engine Rankings

As you probably already know, there are factors that you can manipulate on your website to improve a search engine spider’s understanding of what your site is about. Also, depending on how your site is constructed (the actual HTML) can be more (or less) readable by the spiders and boost their affinity for your content. Such factors include (but are not limited to): the number of keywords and key phrases your page focuses on, the positioning of your keywords on your page, the type of code you use (pure html or html generated by php, asp or java vs. flash and javascript), your website’s internal linking structure and the relevance of your content to your page title and keywords. The rest of the most important Search Engine Ranking factors and their descriptions (as well as how to manipulate them) can be found in our SEO checklist. Download it for free here.

Let’s examine these factors a little closer to see just how they may help your home page rank.

Keyword/phrase Focus:

1. Why this is important
- This gives search engines (as well as your readers) the impression that you are indeed targeting the specific area you want your page to rank for.

2. How to do this well
- Our “Shadow Targeting” method
We derived this terminology from our days as science students studying the phenomenon of shadows casted by objects as light shines on them. As you can see in the diagram below, the darkest part of the shadow (called the Umbra) is where NO light reaches. This area is completely blocked (“covered” as we would say) by the object. The other area of the shadow is not as dark (the Penumbra). This area is “not fully covered.” Our goal when creating focus is to create a natural shadow-like effect in which the world of all keywords is the light, your web page is the object and the shadow is comprised of the keywords that your “object” covers. =)

Your priority keywords would appear most on your page (the umbra) and they would be accompanied by a few associative keywords (these would form the penumbra) to create the full “shadow effect.”

Example: If you have a site that is focused on Selling Cookies:
Umbra keywords: cookies for sale, buy cookies, best cookie prices (we recommend no more than 3 major keywords per page with clear prioritization)
Penumbra keywords: buy cookies in New York, excellent cookie recepies, selling more cookies

Keyword Positioning:

1. Why this is important
- Search engine Spiders tend to read the page the way we do…top left to bottom right (for all non arabic or asian folks). So we place keywords in places that studies have shown (eye heat maps) are more heavily focused on. Top and left of the page. The spiders encounter these keywords first so it sets the tone for the rest to come from the beginning!

2. How to do this well
- As already stated, you may want to pay attention to the reults of various eye tracking studies (since we are of the opinion that spiders “read” the same way) to prominently place your most important keywords.

Code Type/Structure (Flash, Javascript, HTML):

1. Why this is important
- Depending on how your website is built, search engine spiders may or may not be able to access all that good content you put out there. Think of a spider as a simple browser…it cannot digest content that is embedded as an image, or hidden in complex Flash or Javascript code.

2. How to do this well
- Ensure that all the content that you deem important and relevant to your website’s focus appears in plain html. Simple as that!

Website’s Internal Linking Structure:

1. Why this is important
- In our experience, we have seen better page indexing results when there is a definite hierarchical internal linking pattern. Spiders may find this good organization helpful to their process.

2. How to do this well
- Categorize your website!
Using a similiar “cookie” example:
If your site is about cookies, your main menu would have categories such as “cookie recipes”, “cookies with nuts”, “popular cookies”, etc.

Content & Page Title Matching:

1. Why this is important
- It brings synergy to your web pages. (Note: DO NOT use the same titles for every webpage on your site!)
A lot of websites simply use their domain name as web page titles. This is not advisable since the Title is what defines you in the search engine results. If your domain name is “”…A potential visitor would have no idea what you were about if the search engine was gracious enough to rank you well for a particular term. Don’t waste your valuable online real estate!!!

2. How to do this well
- Make sure you use your main keyword (for the page) as the leader in your title. It is helpful to have at least one or two other associative keywords as well….
e.g. “Cookie Recipies | Best Cookie Batter | Cookies With Nuts”

NOTE: (Part 2) of this post will be coming soon…

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SEO Checklist Preview

It’s finally up and ready folks!
For all who have been waiting for a step by step guide to great on page SEO, our easy to follow do it yourself document is here. SEO and HTML newbies, please be sure to give it a good once-over and even consult with your web developer if you have one before applying any of the strategies.

All you have to do is Sign Up to download it for FREE —> Box at the top right of the page!

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the great content and love to think that we’re doing what we can to help level the playing field for the mom and pop shops out there. It’s time you had the opportunity to compete with the big corporations…don’t you think?

Here are a few excerpts from the free SEO Checklist download:
(To get a better preview of the check list, click any of the images)

SEO Checklist Introduction

SEO Checklist Table of Contents

SEO Checklist Sample Factors

SEO Checklist Extra Secrets

We hope you enjoy SEOing with your new SEO Checklist and wish you great success in all your endeavors…and remember…Do more than just stay afloat…Surf the SEOcean!

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Suggestions For Writing Effective Headlines

Headlines serve the purpose of getting the eye of the reader. With a great headline, the reader will get intrigued to learn the article, brochure, publication or ad. There are a lot of methods employed to produce effective headlines.

Create such a headline that it creates curiosity to the reader. This can be accomplished by asking a provocative query or by making a seemingly outrageous assertion within the headline. Utilizing phrase play, alliteration and take-off on acquainted phrases helps in creating eye-catching and amusing headlines. It is always higher to keep away from ambiguity as if the headline seems to be difficult for the reader to learn it is most definitely that she or he could not read it at all!

The headline has to be coined in such a way that it supplies an answer to the reader asking &8220;What&8217;s in it for me?&8221; Point out the primary profit the reader will get from reading the article. Possibly, you can present a solution to a typical drawback via the headline. Always hold the headline as candy and quick as possible. The best length for headlines is seven words or less. It is because shorter headlines are punchier and easier to read.

Never lie to your customers through the headline. It is vitally vital that you provide an article that’s befitting to the headline of the article. It is because on studying the headline, the reader will likely be expecting a story, and if the story produced is one thing utterly totally different, it’s most certainly that the reader will feel cheated. Make it possible for the primary word of the headline is capitalized, as ought to all the other correct nouns in the headline. Do not develop the behavior of capitalizing each word, as the uniformity of the headline is then lost.

The simplest headlines have been confirmed to be those who have logical sentence buildings, energetic voice and robust current tense verb. It is the good verbs that at all times drive good headlines. Make it a habit of locating the headline of an article flush to the left of the web page, except in any other case mentioned. All headlines ought to use present tense for rapid past information, past tense for past excellent whereas future tense is used for coming events. The punctuation format of headlines is principally normal. Intervals should be used for abbreviations only and single quotes needs to be used the place double quotes would be utilized in copy. Make it some extent to never cut up verb items in between lines of the headlines or ending strains with prepositions. This makes the headlines look untidy. Keep these pointers in mind, and proceed in producing efficient headlines on your articles!

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Advanced Atlanta SEO Company Unleashed

Search Engine Marketing, better known as SEO is a methodology that aims on perking up the quantity and superior of customers to a web page that comes from the search engines resulted due to natural search for targeted key phrases. It is a more planned and also implemented method improvised by modern as well as advanced Atlanta SEO Company. If your internet site is located in the second page of google, then you actually need to invest potentially to bring it among the first 3 in the first page. These services will support you attract customers from the organic search outcome by bringing it to one of the top internet websites in the list.

This is possible as about 10 to 20% of the customers is constituted by these superior Atlanta SEO Company. Furthermore, the consumers from the organic searchers will be keen to purchase these sophisticated services, which will eventually be effective just for your corporation. One may get utterly confused by the different terms applied on diverse sorts of SEO methods. The white Hat SEO for ethical and Black hat SEO for unethical is nothing but just the opinions of SEO experts on these services. If possible, the engines like google will condemn all services related to SEO as unethical. Even so, they sometimes consider some of them effective just for the web sites. 

However, an unethical SEO is just a process that trickily represents the webpage to yahoo, google and bing which will only mean bluffing the visitors. It improves the rankings which are rejected by the search engines like google. On the other hand, ethical Atlanta SEO Company strictly conform to the pointers of cyber space and involve no trickery or deception of any sort. 

The World wide web is swarming with organisations that sell Atlanta SEO Company like optimisation services, online marketing remedies, building links, SEO information writing, copy writing, etc. Amidst the crowd, fishing out the proper agency is the challenge. While, most organisations offer you services of average standard, rather few offer you top high-quality ones. A bit of case and history study on the firm from which you wish to retain SEO service will help in choosing the correct one. You actually should have enough patience to study the industry as well as choose accordingly. In case you browse through any search engine, you actually will acquire more than enough choices. However, check out the experience, excellent of work, portfolio, authenticity and price before getting them the position.

For higher superior Atlanta SEO Company, communication us. We have been in the marketplace for a long time as well as know the corporation to the core. Our ratings are also amazingly superior.

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5 Essential Things To Know About Local Search Marketing

There are five essential things that you should know about local search marketing: It is becoming an effective marketing alternative to the yellow pages, it allows the business to specifically target local prospects, you can hire professionals to handle search marketing for your business, there are three major search engine players, and smaller local search engines can be an effective alternative.

Because of the proliferation of the internet, more business opportunities are available to firms and companies who use online marketing and networking. It’s increasingly popular nowadays for organizations to make the Internet a huge part of their marketing strategies. We now see multitudes of websites showcasing and promoting many products and services. While designing web sites for selling their products, many small business enterprises tend to ignore the power of local search marketing. Here are a few essential things you should know about local search marketing for local business:

It is becoming an effective marketing alternative to the yellow pages

Advertising on the yellow pages can cost a lot of money. More than the conventional methods of advertisements, like yellow pages, people now depend on internet advertising for better marketing results. Beginning in 2009, estimates show no less than 30 billion local searches are made per year; in the United States alone (according to recent research) more than 849 million searches occur monthly. After studying the searches, we found that almost half resulted in a visit to local businesses. These prospects’ use of the Internet at a higher frequency is turning local searches into an opportunity and a viable marketing tool for small businesses.

This enables a company to expressly target local prospects

Search engine marketing makes it easier for small businesses to market their business to their customers. This focus has turned the Internet into an extremely effective and viable marketing tool, especially for specific customers and groups who fall into a well-defined niche or profile.

You may be able to enlist trained personnel to create search marketing for your enterprise

A lot of business owners and operators might not like the idea of having to make changes to their current business systems or marketing strategies but then again, they also might not know a lot about what it takes to formulate a successful local search engine marketing campaign. Luckily, you can hire experts who can offer assistance.

There are three major search engines

Currently, the 3 most popular Internet search engines are Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Bing) and over 70% of the local search market is controlled by these three companies. To aim toward improving a website’s visibility and popularity, you would need to perform certain SEO-based activities and keep up a local search engine marketing report to track your progress. You should remember these three things when you advertise for your business to improve rankings for keywords and link popularity.

Small local search engine service providers prove to be a good replacement

There are smaller local search engines that are not as common as Google, Yahoo and MSN which can be a better choice instead of larger search engines, even more so if you in a very competitive business area where many share your keywords. The advantage of using smaller search engines, as opposed to their better-known larger cousins, is that the former provide better rankings at a lower cost per click.

The Internet is evolving to become a very diverse tool. Business entrepreneurs and local businesses should learn to adapt and utilize this technology to reap its many benefits.

To know more about local search marketing and how this can be incorporated to a local business, contact the Atlanta SEO Professionals.

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Online Marketing Help With A Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages can help every business grow and generate revenue.

So What exactly IS a squeeze page?  It’s typically a one page website designed to develop a targeted customer base by building a list to market products or services, or simply send useful information to.

Want to learn “How To Build A Squeeze Page“?

By using the A/B split test method, search landing page developers and marketers alike have determined that the best squeeze pages tend to draw visitors in with strong calls to action. As users of the internet become accustomed to a more dynamic and interactive web-o-sphere, the use of short videos is proving to be very good at improving the performance of squeeze pages as they immediately engage a potential customer by making the absorption of content a lot easier.The type of business does not matter, and depending on what your goals are, setting up a few lead generating and list building one page websites (if you have the time and ability to get them ranking in your respective niches) will pay off several times over. Remember…nothing comes easy, so keep in mind that even though this way of building your user base may be one of the best when marketing your small business, you have to invest time and effort to do it well.

Squeeze pages are are build with only one goal: To entice the website visitor to leave their contact information. Knowledgeable marketers use these “squeeze page” websites to build valuable email and customer lists that can remain active, making consistent revenues through email marketing campaigns over and over again. 

Since the goal is about list building and not education it’s important to follow a few simple tips with the design of the one page website.  

Below you can find a few squeeze page design tips to help your business build a large marketing list:

1. Limited Information – Keep the message of the page focused. Build interest with each website visitor by highlighting product features. Use bullet points and a short video. Remember the goal is to gather the contact information and email address from a potential customer. The goal is not to educate and have the visitor leave the website forever.

2. One Product Only - Keep it simple.  Use short messages to keep visitor interest. Promote only one service or product on each page.  Do you have more than one product? No problem. Simply set up more than one squeeze page. This will lead to better marketing lists for each product (because they will be TARGETED).

Squeeze pages are relatively easy to setup and they are also inexpensive even when using squeeze page software such as on “”. The basics of a squeeze page include a headline, interesting text or a video, and an email capture form.  Simple? Yes. Effective? Definitely.

Take the guess work out of the equation and use proven Video Squeeze Page Templates to make it even easier.

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Top Tips For Increasing Your Google Page Rank

One of the most important factors that determine your ranking in Google happens to be the page rank. When you have a high page rank, you will have better search engine rankings and your traffic will go through the roof. However, if you’re new to the whole SEO game then it might get confusing when it comes to increasing your page rank. First of all, your hard work building links is going to pay dividends when it comes to getting a much higher page rank. So if you can get great backlinks from websites that have a good page rank, it will assist you in reaching every search engine optimization goal you have set. If you want to rank higher in Google and get more traffic, use the following tips and watch your page rank soar. If you want Web design it’s easy to realize that many new launches for example Rapid Free Traffic benfit greatly from this style of marketing.

Why does a certain site tend to rank so well for a particular word in Google, while yours stays behind? The search engine giant looks for one primary element before ranking a site and that is the quality of the content. In order to promote your site and improve your page rank, you have to give the search engines the kind of content they like. Google looks primarily at the content on your site, so making this as helpful and interesting as possible is the best way to boost your rank. Other web sites in your niche will also want to link to you when you have lots of valuable content. If you can get other sites that rank highly in the search engines to give you backlinks, this will help to raise your page rank. This is the most basic principle to remember if you want to improve your page rank. If you want to get a better page rank, it’s possible for you to do it through being a guest blogger. If you’ve been into Internet marketing for a while you will know that blogs are constantly looking for fresh, unique content that they can update. This gives you an opportunity to get in touch with such blogs in your niche and ask them if you can write a guest post for them. Only go for those blogs that have high page ranking. You may also then put a little reference information at the end that describes you and has a link to your site. This will benefit you in two ways: you will get a bunch more traffic because you’ll be able to capture the traffic that blog gets, and you’ll also get a higher page rank. If you like Web design you will soon realize that a lot of new launches such as Rapid Free Traffic benfit greatly from this kind of marketing.

Finally, if you want to improve your page rank, you have to pay attention to your internal linking as well as backlinks. It’s good for your page rank to have one of your articles linking to another, as the search engines look for this and see it as a sign that you have lots of good content. The more internal links you have on your site, the easier it is for visitors to navigate around it.

Overall, this article shows how a site’s page rank can be increased with consistent work. With time, you will find more and more methods to build high quality links to your site that will help increase your page rank and give you the push you need. If you don’t see results immediately, you shouldn’t be tempted to quite because it usually takes some time before you see your PR go up, however, you will eventually see some progress.

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What Is Keyword Optimization And Does It Help With SEO?

If you have typed in the internet about SEO strategies, you might have seen that there are quite many of them. You have come accross various sites that guarantee great traffic in 24 hours or a high ranking in Google in just several weeks. Then when you actually do the tedious work of having your site improve in traffic you find out that it is quite easy. It is a long, slow, strenuous process that can give you stress at times but here are some tips you have to achieve to have a higher rank in Yahoo.

#1 – Backlinks. A Search Engine notices each link to your page that is on someone else’s webpage as a vote for your webpage. The more “votes” you get, the more well-known Yahoo deems your site is, the higher your internet site improves in the search rankings. The better and more well-liked the webpages are that link to you, the more weight Google treats your backlink. The regular process of improving your backlinks are, directory submissions (like or Yahoo Directories), approaching other website owners to set your link on their site, or just build a number of blogs that all link to your webpage. It it will also make it easier if you have the keywords you are concentrating on in the anchor text for your backlinks.

#2 – Articles. Article writing is truly the foundation of Internet Marketing. Whatever type of merchandise or site you are offering, it helps to have some articles promoting your site, however this is probably the most tedious work in SEO. Only a few people likes to write essays and publishing them although you ought to do it if you’re sincere with what you are promoting. Rmember that all posts must be distinct and don’t put your links in the body of the post, put them in the side resources part or “About Author” section.

#3 – Social Bookmarking sites. The next production of the web has at last come and we have ventured into the time of social bookmarking sites like or MySpace. Search Engines have started to give more “juice” to backlinks seen here as they are possible to be put by customers who have used the products and like them. It can be tough however if you can have your backlink on these social sites, it can make your SEO improve significantly. TIP: Start a new Facebook page and go with the large group of people who play the more popular games on Facebook like Zynga Poker. When you played for some time, you can ask some people on your group to put your link in their status bars. If you have done a good enough job in building relationships, they will normally do it for you. Just don’t misuse this favor.

These are just 3 strategies to improve your SEO, they might take a while and effort although there are a few programs that can help automate the procedure, freeing your time to do other things.

For more information about SEO strategies you should search for local agencies like Chicago SEO company.

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Affordable Atlanta SEO For Small Corporations

One of the most critical parts of World wide web marketing is SEO. Looking at the significance and also necessity of Atlanta SEO, several employers are starting to provide affordable SEO & SMO Services. The world at present is still recovering from the shocks of recession as most company owners are now looking just for cheaper alternative routes of on-line marketing to promote their company and its services. With the advent of search engine optimization, it has brought new faith just for every small to medium sized organization to increase their profit margins. However, obtaining an affordable SEO service specialist poses a substantial challenge in itself.

By browsing through the Web, you actually will be able to locate several SEO service companies that offer their services at affordable rates along with excellent services. These service firms provide you both on-page & off-page optimisation services along with creation of a suitable marketing method for your on the web organisation expansion. Just given that they are affordable does not really mean they will not provide you quality. In fact, these service providers are quite prompt at handling projects of any size & complexity. They will extend their services towards every budget array along with affordable SEO packages that will generate higher revenues.

Most of the Atlanta SEO are customized in a way to suit unique budget styles as well as patterns of operating. The buyers are free to choose from the services that fits their business perfect. In this way, you not only save a lot of expense but it also helps you actually double up on your earnings margins. Just For employers that are newly set up, inexpensive services provide them the ideal platform to successfully marketplace themselves. This is probably the ideal way for newly identified organisations to acquire online exposure at affordable rates.

These affordable SEO’s will work closely with you to decide upon the SEO plan that perfect fits your corporation budget. Many times, it is located that, cheap Atlanta SEO have features that are popular to basic search engine optimisation plans as invented by the topmost SEO corporations. The ideal part is that you actually may stick to or leave their services at any point of time. Since, the services are cost-effective your corporation will not stand to lose out much.

For such affordable Atlanta SEO of premium excellent, try us. We offer you actually services that are rarely rendered by others in the industry. The end-products we serve guarantee your satisfaction. You will need to stick on us for long, once you have tried our services.

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SEO Products For Webpage Advertising

Many small companies invest a large amount of income to construct their internet sites but it feels like their hard work goes in vein when nobody finds them through the internet. Building a website is easy but in case you are unable to showcase visitors to your website it could become a pretty expensive process. Therefore, SEO solutions support you with your web page advertising.

SEO means Search Engine Marketing and also it enables your firm to showcase your web page or business on different search engines like; Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. It is estimated which nearly 80% of web customers is generated because of search engine marketing services which is why it is regarded as the most beneficial and most popular way of website promotion. 

In case you care about the success of your organization as well as are keen on increasing sales of your items or solutions you may want to take benefit from SEO solutions. SEO enables your company to survive over the years for a long timeframe as your organization is secured once your company invest in these services. Website marketing in this way helps your business to enhance the quantity of existing clients and you may be able to provide efficient service to your consumers according to their requirements.

SEO targets buyers who are serious and are more likely to purchase your product or service instead of just window shopping or going through your items. It provides your internet site the capability of attracting customers and potential buyers daily to your website who are searching specifically for products which an individual offer. Hence, ultimately that means your sales will increase which in effect increases your income. 

So, if we look from a wider angle, SEO promotes your web site the way your firm want it to be promoted and also gives your business 100% outcomes in terms of marketing and also marketing. SEO is regarded as a incredibly important tool in promoting and marketing web page or online corporations. It is therefore pretty crucial to select the right kind of solutions for advertising and marketing. Hence, we might say which SEO services for internet site advertising helps your company to; 

· Improve profits and also familiarize individuals with your brand.

· Gives your business opportunity to earn profits as well as maximize profits.

· Helps an individual to compete against potential competitors come up with better products and also solutions offered by your competitors.

· Helps an individual develop your enterprise, items and solutions. 

SEO products like On-page optimisation of your website, linking, PPC management, consultancy etc could all be used for the purpose of marketing and also promoting your web page or small business. All an individual need is a guidance in picking which service most desirable suits your enterprise. Your firm might choose solutions according to your budget requirements other requirements. 

Denver SEO Services for webpage advertising helps a person to enhance the sales of your items or services and also helps you to survive in the market for long run.

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